Why Choose Us?

We create quality printable and printed products for the creative industries. Our products are focused on the South African creative community and we aim to bring you products you can relate to with a homegrown feel.

We strive for excellence and quality. We believe in a job well done.

We are also registered as an Unashamedly Ethical entity. 

...if you haven't used the Ivytree Studio papers yet, you are missing something. The paper has a special "feel" to it, a lovely firmness and the more basic designs are lovely for backgrounds on cards.

Marie Smith

Purple Magnolia, Gauteng

About Us

Ansu & Surita,

store owners

Ivytree Studio was born way back in the year 2000. Two highly creative, artistic and sensitive sisters, had a vision that from a dead tree-stump a lovely new tree could grow. In their garden was exactly such a stump. A big old tree died and was cut down,leaving only the stump. Their equally creative mother made a little Ivy grow around it and soon it formed a lovely lollipop tree. The start of a new beginning for this old tree stump. With new beginnings, over time, things often change shape. Things grow. People grow and develop with it.

Today these sisters still have their bond, stronger than ever and is fearlessly moving forward in the art and design industry.

The physical tree in their garden is gone now, but the image of this tree and what it represents, is still very much alive.

As a tree with many branches,their business has expanded into the Ivytree Studio. From the studio, where they create and design together, also flowed "Ivytree Elements", "Ivytree Event Stationery", "Happy go Artsy", "GraceLilly" and "Kaleido".

At Ivytree Studio we focus on designing quality products for the creative industries.

We also have an educational focus and therefore we design content and products for educational purposes.

Please visit our website: www.ivytreestudio.co.za


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We only have an online store and not a physical store front. 

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